Chairmans Message

Welcome to the 92nd annual Southwest Dental Conference!

Two events take precedence in Dallas this time of year: the Southwest Dental Conference, a premier annual meeting of dental excellence; and the Red River Shootout, a premier annual meeting of Texas-Oklahoma football!

In the rivalry football game, two storied college teams face off. Both football programs are in the top six nationwide in all-time wins. For these teams, winning is not just an aspiration—it’s an expectation! Their success is founded on the commitment of coaches and players to a common goal, a shared confidence that they WILL win and months upon months of training.

For elite dental teams, a winning record means providing exceptional care for patients. Like success on the field, success in dentistry requires the same foundation – the dental team must embrace a common goal, share the will to achieve and continually enhance their skills and abilities through training.

The 2019 Southwest Dental Conference will provide outstanding opportunities to grow in these areas and optimize your team for success. Our hope is that you will leave here “Inspired – Empowered – Equipped.”

During these two days, the Southwest Dental Conference will inspire you with new ideas, unique approaches and the latest research and innovation in dentistry.  Renowned speakers will empower you through engaging, compelling presentations. And world-class continuing education—whether speaker lectures, hands-on courses or interactive seminars—will equip each member of your team with the skills and resources to excel.

So once again, welcome! We encourage you to have fun, enjoy the meeting, connect with peers and get ready to be Inspired – Empowered – Equipped!

Todd Bauman, DDS, MS
Chairman 2019 Southwest Dental Conference